interfaces.JPGThe ATHENA interface to LogiKal from Orgadata enables LogiKal profile master data to be used for the intelligent composition of profile assemblies in ATHENA.

The interface offers the function of composing a cross-section of a profile assembly (e.g. mullion, press-on profile and cover section)
with LogiKal master data directly in ATHENA in a dialog box and importing it into the ATHENA bar assembly manager.

In ATHENA these profile assemblies can be used without restriction for the 2D and 3D design, precisely as for static calculations and physical building examinations.

The LogiKal range of functions for automatic profile combination takes full effect via the interface.
The additional profiles suitable for a selected profile are suggested in the dialog box and positioned at the intended location.

In this way LogiKal can be used as a rule-based system library in ATHENA.

The interface facilitates the transfer of ATHENA constructions, e.g. of 3D models, to LogiKal for further processing, for additions or evaluations.

Furthermore, the evaluations can also be implemented via the LogiKal functionality directly in ATHENA.

Using an ATHENA command, projects present in LogiKal can be imported into ATHENA.

These objects are held in ATHENA as copies and changes are also effective there.

The objects can be output in ATHENA and no return to LogiKal is necessary.
With this type of import from LogiKal all the project header data are transferred to ATHENA (client, job number, etc.).

A combination of imported LogiKal elements and the new ATHENA BIM (IFC) interface also facilitates the 3D transfer to BIM software, e.g. Autodesk Revit.

Another innovation is the dynamic section generation which now recalculates the sections through a LogiKal element generated by ATHENA if changes have been made to the element.

Interface to ERPlus ATHENA has an interface to ERPlus (ERP software from T.A. Project) with which 3D bars of 3D models, including appended assemblies, and 3D infills can be output to an XML file that can then be read in by ERPlus.

Furthermore, article numbers of standard parts usedin a drawing can also be passed on.