3D Design

3D Design.JPGNever before was the three-dimensional design of curtain walls so easy.

Sloping polygon façades, pyramids, glass roofs, bays and other complicated geometries can be quickly generated without complication.

As a basis for the production of extensive 3D designs an axis model is used, to the axis lines of which single profiles or complete profile groups can be placed.

With a simple function an analysis of the axis model can be carried out in ATHENA in which also the weather side is defined.

Thereafter ATHENA recognizes all the angles,field quantities and alignments within the axis model.

Consequently, in conjunction with the application of the designer’s own assemblies a high level of automation can be achieved. For example, you can create a mullion and transom façade with all cut parts at inconceivable speed.

Just a few working steps are necessary to provide a complete axis model with profile groups incl. joint components and hardware, to intercept nodes, to set infills, such as glazing or panels, and to generate production drawings or parts lists.

There is also the possibility of assigning profile groups and assemblies in the form of joint components, drilled holes or other parts or processes which ATHENA can automatically transfer to bar joints in the 3D design and output them.

The ATHENA 3D functionality is orientated for designing a complex three-dimensional facade and preparing it for production.

Interfaces for transfer to cost calculation and ERP/PPC systems are available.

A new feature is an optional NC-X output for production.