2D Design

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Classical two-dimensional construction takes up a particularly large part of the designer‘s workday routine—drawing views, generating cross-sections, drawing up detailed drawings, producing manufacturing documentation.
The situation is also unlikely to change in the short term.

The optimization of the work procedure with a special software solution leads to increased productivity and a higher-quality finished product.

This is a big advantage for the designer who is no longer impeded by the limitations of the working tools and has a powerful assistant at his side to relieve much of the work.

ATHENA has proven its capabilities over years and the 2D section especially profits from careful maintenance and on-going development.

Numerous routines simplify the drawing of panels, insulation, membranes, welded seams, sheet or glazing cross-sections.

Clearly laid-out dialog boxes gather important information and with the positioning aids the object is conveniently placed in its position in the drawing.

ATHENA handles everything else.

Many vast built-in expandable libraries make light work of inserting objects into the drawing, e.g. profile systems, standard parts or screws and other hardware.

Various international standards are also provided.

Dimensioning also becomes a pleasure with ATHENA: In addition to the AutoCAD dimension functions there are efficient connected dimensions, fully automatic object dimensions, level and interrupted dimensions which are also implemented by viewports in the layouts, and are carried through associatively when geometrical changes occur.

All ATHENA objects are ARX objects and can therefore be edited with a double click.

Object labeling is automatically adapted for changes of dimension.

The powerful 2D tools of ATHENA increase productivity, save work time and costs plus also help the designer to concentrate on the essential aspects of his work.