Databases and Libraries


AluSoft has the flexibility of entering positions in a number of ways

  • Created from scratch
  • Copied from within the existing project
  • Imported from an existing project
  • Imported from a Library

AluSoft has two library sets, a System Library and a User Library.

System Libraries contain sample positions from various fenestration systems for import into current projects for editing by the User to suit project specific requirements. System libraries are set, maintained and updated by AluSoft.

User Libraries are set, maintained and updated by the User based regularly used position designs, including wall conditions.
All libraries are easy to navigate via a series of folders and sub-folders.

AluSoft currently contains libraries of position styles for the following fenestration systems;
FenTech Solutions;

  • FT1200 Generic shopfront system
  • FT1400 28mm Casement window system
  • FT2100 Palace sliding door system
  • FT2200 Vistafold Sliding/Folding door system
  • FT4000 38mm Casement window system
  • FT6500 Pressure glazed curtain walling system
  • FT6600 Flush glazed curtain walling system

AluSoft can design and process unitised curtain walling, however this function requires additional system and project specific programming and is available upon specific request.


AluSoft provides the opportunity for various fenestration system, glass, and hardware suppliers to participate on the AluSoft platform.
Once the User has developed an understanding of the functionality of the AluSoft platform he will be able, through a single computational module, to apply this functionality to incorporate various fenestration system, glass and hardware options to positions within a project in order to offer the most cost effective solution to his Client.

Fenestration system, glass and hardware suppliers are welcome to contact AluSoft for inclusion on the AluSoft platform as an open or closed System database.

Users can also contact AluSoft to have their bespoke fenestration systems included on the AluSoft platform as a closed User database.