AluSoft can execute a 1D optimisation of profiles in selected positions. A graphic representation of the optimisation is prepared showing the orientation of the profile on the saw as well as identifying the profile type, stock length, cut sequence, cut length, cut angles, position and part reference and the residual/off-cut length.

The System database allows for a primary and secondary ‘stock’ length per profile. AluSoft uses these primary and secondary profile lengths together with residual/off-cut lengths captured from previous cutting operations to maximise material usage.

To further optimise material usage AluSoft allows a project specific profile length to be assigned to selected profiles.

Every cut length is assigned a bar code printed onto an adhesive label for reading by CNC machining centres. The label is applied to the cut profile and also contains information referencing the profile to position assembly drawings.  



AluSoft can execute 2D optimisation of rectangular shapes of filings such as, glass, aluminium plate, aluminium composite panelling, insulation boards, etc.

Optimisation is based on guillotine cuts allowing for varying blade widths, edge clearances, rotational options, etc. dependant on the characteristics of each material and cutting process.

Alternative ‘stock’ sheets can be selected in order to achieve the best optimisation.