CNC Module

CNC Module.jpgActivation of the CNC module allows Users to seamlessly transfer CNC data from AluSoft to CNC machinery either directly or via CNC machinery software.

CNC data can be added to fenestration system databases for all required machining operations including for associated ironmongery.
AluSoft’s interface with CNC machinery ensures zero faults in machining such as tool selection and clamping collisions.

If a profile cannot receive all machining operations in a single clamping orientation/configuration AluSoft automatically breaks the clamping into as many clamping orientations/configurations as necessary and communicates this to the machining centre.

AluSoft can communicate with CNC machines of varying types and brands within the Users’ organisation. Communication is limited only by each machine’s functionality parameters.

AluSoft has a close working  relationship with Elumatec and communicates efficiently with their machinery. AluSoft can also communicate with various other CNC machinery brands.

Through AluSoft you can view a 3D representation of the profiles to be machined in order to make a visual confirmation of it’s correctness prior to executing the machining.

AluSoft hosted on the User’s network  communicates through the network with the CNC machinery.

AluSoft creates a CNC work plan on which bar coding can be activated which causes a bar code to be generated at the saw for scanning at the machining centre thereby reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency.

In-house demonstration of the CNC module can be arranged upon request.