Smart Measure

‘Smart measure’ is an app available for Apple i-pads and soon to be available for Android tablets which allows Users to log in to project data on site.

Once logged in the User is presented with a shop drawing template of the selected position onto which site sizes can be entered.

These sizes can be entered manually or via Bluetooth from a handheld laser measuring device all but eliminating the risk of incorrect measurement capture.

The measurement data can be transferred from site to the Users home office for processing by a colleague or transferred by the User upon his return to his office.

Once the site measurement data is received at the User’s office.

AluSoft has a function to compare the site measurements against the design measurements so that any discrepancies can be addressed and errors avoided before progressing to fabrication.

New positions can be added to a project on site through the ‘Smart measure’ app.

Additionally the ‘Smart measure’ app allows numerous dated photographs to be taken of the measured positions, with or without a shop drawing overlay.

The photographs are transferred to the User’s office together with the position measurement data for reference purposes.