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2D Design based costing and fabrication process software platform tool for the fenestration and facade industry

BIM Ready
 The leading CAD based design software for curtain wall design and facade engineering.

BIM Ready

Fenestration Software Solutions is proud to be the exclusive sales partner of Orgadata exclusively implementing and distributing their LogiKal software throughout sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean islands under the name AluSoft.

AluSoft is a 2D design based costing and fabrication process software platform tool developed for the fenestration and facade industry.
The platform provided by AluSoft offers the opportunity for fenestration system suppliers, glass and hardware suppliers to participate in providing designers and fabricators options to achieve the most cost effective solution to fenestration and facade installations as well as assistance in managing the execution thereof.
AluSoft is complimented by and functions en-suite with ATHENA 3D AutoCAD wizard driven drafting and design tool.

Fenestration Software Solutions also offer 3D drafting facilities through its adoption of CAD-Plan’s ATHENA AutoCAD add-on as South African distributor. A combination of imported AluSoft elements and the new ATHENA BIM (IFC) interface also facilitates the 3D transfer to BIM Software, e.g Autodesk Revit.